Why We Give

We are contributors, not consumers. Living a generous life expands our world view and motivates us to be like Jesus. We are the church and we exist for the world.

The Standard for Giving

The Bible teaches us that the standard for giving is called the Tithe. We put God first when we give the first 10% of our income back to Him through the Church. But why is this so important? Because, when we manage money God’s way, the results are life-changing.

Take the Three-Month Tithe Challenge

Countless people experience God’s blessings when they tithe, but often the first step is the hardest one to take. The Three-Month Tithe Challenge is a money-back guarantee of sorts. Essentially, it’s a contract based on God’s promises in Malachi 3:10-11.

Here’s our commitment to you. If you tithe for three months and God doesn’t hold true to His promises, we will refund 100% of your tithe.