11 Day Fight | Day Eleven

Pick A Fight How did a man with so much God-given potential end up in such an awful place? Like we saw a couple of days ago, he didn’t do it all at once. He did it: One. Step. At. A. Time.

In Samson’s story, it seems like he kept taking three steps away from God, and then just one step back toward Him.

What about you? Where are you stepping away from God? Really take some time to think about this. Take a long, hard look at all the different areas of your life. Are you strong enough to be brutally honest with yourself?

Are you stepping away from God in any way? What step are you on? Step number one? Or step number 56,249? Somewhere in between? No matter how many steps you’ve already taken, I have a simple and profound solution for you. Are you ready?

Turn around.

That’s it. Turn around. Go the other way! It’s not too late. It really is that simple. Fight the momentum of moving toward sin, and start going the other direction. When you turn around, guess who will be right there waiting for you? Your God. And He’s ready to train you, to fight with you. When you fight for the cause God gives you, you never fight without his strength.

It’s time to pick a fight. What battle are you facing? Give it a name.

Unleash the warrior’s heart inside of you. Fight. If you’re in Christ, you’re more than a conqueror. The way you overcome your enemy is by the blood of the Lamb (Christ) and the word of your testimony. Start changing your story. Make it about him. Our strength is not our own; it’s in him.

You have the heart of a warrior. If you choose: Nothing can distract you. People cannot disillusion you. Critics cannot derail you. Demons cannot stop you.

You are a man. God gave you a cause to inspire you. Honor it. God gave you weapons to fight for it. Face your fear. Tell the truth. Fight, and fight to win. You’re ready. You have permission, and you’re not alone. It’s time to quit walking blindly through your life, falling into your enemy’s traps.

Turn around. Turn around and fight for your life.

Recommended Next Steps: Don’t stop here. Start here. Sign up for a new Bible plan. Join a small group. Ask God what he wants for your family. Take your wife on a date and share that vision with her. Then lead the way.


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