11 Day Fight | Day Two

Chasing the Wrong Things

Samson was the strongest man who ever lived. With the Incredible Hulk’s muscles, Tony Stark’s mouth, and Thor’s hair, he was basically like three Avengers in one.

But even with so much going for him—chosen by God, blessed with supernatural strength—Samson just couldn’t escape his flaws. Again and again, he pursued the wrong things. His weaknesses kept getting the best of him.

As you’ll see today, one of those weaknesses was lust. In Judges 14:1–2, Samson went to the wrong place—on purpose. Timnah was enemy territory, a Philistine town. He had no business being there. Then on top of that, he wanted the wrong thing there. He told his parents he was hot for a Philistine woman he saw there, and he wanted to marry her. But God had specifically told his people not to intermarry with others who didn’t worship him.

What about you? Lazily surfing channels, have you ever stopped—or even just slowed down a little—when you “happened to see” some hot, scantily clad woman? What about on the Internet? Have you ever clicked on some link, some thumbnail, some ad you knew you probably shouldn’t? Samson started by letting his feet wander. His eyes weren’t far behind. Predictably, his heart followed.

“I don’t care what God says. I don’t care what Mom and Dad say. I don’t care what’s right or wrong. I’m a MAN. I’ve got desires. I’ve got needs. And besides, I want it!”

Sound familiar? Of course, some of the things you and I lust after aren’t even sexual. Maybe what you crave is that promotion, that raise, or just winning at work. Dreams of money and prestige start to consume your mind and overwhelm your soul. Or maybe it’s something material: that big house, that shiny new car, that sweet boat. You wake up thinking about them, try all day to figure out how you can get them, then drift off to sleep at night dreaming about them.

Whatever you lust after, it takes every ounce of restraint you can muster to hold yourself back from plowing headlong after it. Why? Because just like Samson, lust makes even the strongest man weak.

Get in the habit of pointing your feet away from temptation—and turning your eyes away from it. What are you doing going out looking for trouble anyway? Don’t put yourself in that position. Practice common sense and good judgment—unlike Samson. Know your weaknesses. And shore up your defenses.

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