Don't just be a fan get in the game!

Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first the Jew, then to the Gentile”. (NIV)

I love the Baltimore Ravens and they are the World Champions for the NFL. They get to basque in the glory of being the Champions for the next year at least. I’m a fan of the Ravens, and cheer my heart out when they are on the field. I’ve done security on the field in Baltimore and there is nothing more electrifying than the roar of the crowd when a touchdown is scored or Ray Lewis just lighting some one up. (oh yeah I forgot I’m speaking to the city of the 12th MAN.) But I’m a fan and I love the Ravens.

So I was thinking, I scream and cheer for the Ravens, most of you scream and cheer for the Seahawks and a select few seem to be cheering for those guys in San Francisco. I thought this am just a fan of Jesus, would I not champion loudly the cause of saving a life. Would I not speak out loud about the man who saved us all. Would I not scream for the team that has the most impact, the team that has nothing to lose but everything to gain. Do I just sit on the side lines yelling and screaming only when a person is saved, or am I a person who wants to dive in and be used by him.

At Hope we say “no perfect people allowed”, thank you Jesus,  Jonah not perfect, David not perfect, Saul not perfect, me not perfect, you not perfect but Jesus wants us to stop sitting in the stands and just being a fan. He has done something big or small in each of our lives that has changed us and made us become a game changer instead of a screaming fan on the side lines. GET IN THE GAME!!

Jesus I pray that you will press our hearts to not just be a fan but become a player in this life that you have given us. I pray that we would begin to really see what you have done in our lives and how that has changed us and let us get off our butts and get in the game. Jesus I don’t just want to be a fan I want to be a player on the most amazing team in the world. Thank you and forgive me for not being the player you’ve called me to be and some times just sitting back and cheering. Bless my amazing wife, my beautiful daughters and our little lady number three. I love you, Thank you, AMEN!