Daily S * O * A * P - July 10, 2013

Scripture:  Hebrews 7:25 – Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.

Observation:  Jesus came to save us completely and to be our intercessor, to me, that is a beautiful depiction of how much God loves us and wants to have a relationship with us.

Application:  To utter the words, Jesus save me may be a very intimidating and very scary thought.  You think to yourself, what do I have to change, what do I have to give up, what will God want me to do?  The answer is you don’t have to give up anything and you don’t have to change a thing, however, this verse says that Jesus saves COMPLETELY!!  

Complete meaning : to bring to an end  or to make whole or perfect or to mark the end 

Because Jesus saves us completely brings an end to our old way of life, and end to the way we used to think or act.  Once we accept him, we won’t want to stay the same, we will be given the Holy Spirit who will prompt us to change.  Change doesn’t come all at once, but it does come and you will be glad that it did.

I was always afraid if I accepted Jesus I wouldn’t have fun anymore and that life would become boring. Let me just say this life with Jesus is not boring, it is one wild ride and I for one would not give up Jesus for anything!  

Prayer:  Jesus thank you that you came to save me completely and that you have shown me how beautiful life can be.  I once said I couldn’t imagine what my world would be like without my children, because once I had them it was like life never existed without them, in the same respects, once I found you, it’s like I didn’t exist until that moment.  Thank you for a life filled with blessings and thank you for never giving up on me!