Golf Cart Craziness & Heavy Hearts | A Life Jounal Entry

Yesterday I was on the course with a good friend. We were looking for his golf ball in the fairway next to the hole we were playing. This fairway had warning signs for all golf carts to stay on cart path because of the steep decline from right to left. We did not see these signs because we came from the adjacent fairway.

As we slowly traversed towards a possible ball (which really was a light colored leaf) Andy lost control of the golf cart and began sliding sideways down the wet grassy hill. This is not a new for me and in fact, is normally an enjoyable experience. As speed began to increase the fast approaching gravel cart path changed from a common convenance to an inevitable hazard.

When we hit the cart path gravity became our enemy. I am not a small man and out weigh Andy easily by 40 pounds. Because I was sitting in the passenger side of the golf cart this did not help our chance of escaping this accident. We tipped right over on to the right side of the cart.

Andy fell right on top of me as we laid there in a moment of shock my mind rushed through the check list of ok’s. Am I ok? Yes, check. My body ok? The roof of the cart landed on my wrist but I can move my hand, check. Is Andy ok? He is staring at me way to close for comfort, Yes check. Like anyone else would respond to this situation we began to laugh so hard air was hard to obtain and tears flowed from my eyes. It will forever be a memory in my mind. The day Andy tried to get us kill with his golf cart craziness.

There is a passage in the bible where a prophet promises a new heart. Ezekiel is attempting to reach his community for The Lord. Having them realize that their hearts are heavy with hurt and God will heal them. He says,

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. (Ezekiel 36:26 NIV)

The major factor in us crashing the golf cart on that faith Friday morning was the weight of the passenger. Andy didn’t really have a chance to save us once gravity took over. My weight on the right side of the cart over powered any creative corrective driving technique he attempted. In the same people drive through life with hearts of stone. Too heavy for them to carry. Too heavy to be emotionally healthy. In this passage the heart represents more than just feelings, but the state of mind and will of a person is symbolized. When the heart is heavy we can easily tip over and crash on the road of life.

A heart of flesh is alive and active. Pumping new life into the rest of the body. In the same way our lives can become lighter. With the amazing power of God our heavy hearts become hearts that are full of life.

Today I am on day 5 of a 24 day chanllenge I have put myself on. The purpose of this challange is to lose weight and become more healthy. Not just so I won’t be the cause of golf cart accedents, but because I am tired of being heavy in life. I am learning new ways to fuel my body instead of just feeding. Eating to live instead of living to eat.

In the same way with a new heart of flesh may we feed on the Word instead of our emotions. May we focus on God’s will rather than our will. Learn to love like Jesus. Live like the Holy Spirit guides us to. Lead others to follow hard after God the Father.

Lord I pray that you speak deep to my heart. Show me how to love with my life. Teach me to live in your fullness. Lead me to lead like you. Bless my wife today. Bless my kids. Bless the church I get to serve.

Proof Of Cart Crazyiness

Golf Cart Crazyness