Daily S*O*A*P 5/29/13

Scripture: Romans 10:11 As the scripture says “Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame”.

Observation:  Shame is such a powerful emotion and is meant to make us feel guilty, this is not from the Lord.

Application:  I never want to tell a child “shame on you, you should have known better”,   This poses such a stigma to that child, they hear “you are not good enough”  or they hear “you are stupid”, or it may be that they hear, “I can never measure up”.  I remember feeling these things as a child.  Satan wins more times than not when we use the word shame.  Our goal should be to build up the next generation and teach them to build each other up as well.  Imagine a world where there are positive drivers, shoppers, people waiting in line all because someone built them up.  Life is so short, let’s choose the positive over the negative and pour out the spirit of our heavenly Father.  He loves and thinks we are amazing!!

Prayer:  Lord, please help me to be a positive influence on the youth of today, the leaders of tomorrow, may your will be done in the lives of our young ones.  Thank you for blessing me with an opportunity to do that on a weekly basis at Hope Church.