You've Awakened my heart!

Thought for Today: I’m your anchor in the wind and the waves. I’m your steadfast so don’t be afraid. Though your heart and flesh may fail you, I’m your faithful strength and I’m with you where you go! -Jesus

Jesus you have contiuned to challenge and change my life over the last year and even more so in the last six months. You have begun to AWAKEN my heart to more than I could have ever imagined. You are more abundant than what we ask or even deserve. You have solidified the call that you have on my life to be a pastor to people. It blows my mind that we ask and we think and we desire and somtimes we don’t ask, we don’t think, we don’t desire and yet you contiune to prepare our hearts and our path for greatness because you see  things in us that only you can see. You’ve put gifts and talents in us that are only for us. You’ve given us desires to see the world changed to see people’s lives changed to see your love sweep over cities, coutnries and nations. Jesus thank you for never giving up and always pushing us forward, through your word, through prayer, through other people, through our kids, thank you for changing my life.

You’ve AWAKENED my heart to a clear vision and goal to become the Pastor that you have called me to be. A man who cares for his wife and girls above all else. A man you lives by integrity and character, who loves with out limits, who leads exactly right where I am and a man who brings hope where ever I might go. I want more of you Jesus and less of me.

Prayer: Jesus contiue to awaken my heart and life to the call that you have for me, the call on my wife, the call on our girls. Jesus we desire more of you and less of us. I surrender to you and say use me to be your vessel to a lost and dying world. Thank you for saving me. I love you, Thank you, AMEN!