Daily S*O*A*P 6/3/13

Scripture: Romans 15:4 – For everything that was written in th past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.

Observation:  I have heard myself in the past say, gee I sure wish I would have known that before I got into this situation,

Application:  God gave us his holy word so that we could have hope, learn more about Him and to learn from other peoples mistakes, for example David & Bathsheba, Abraham, and the Israelites.  In each of the scriptures regarding these iconic people there is a story of disaster when they did not trust that God would take care of them or did not ask him first.

David took Bathsheba, another mans wife and then had her husband killed because she was with child, his child.  David lost that son because it was a consequence of his sin.

Abraham took his wife into a city and claimed that she was his sister to save his neck, only the leader of that city almost had Abrahams neck anyway when he found out that Sarah was Abrahams wife.  

The Israelites walked the desert for 40 years because of trust issues.

I have learned over the years that if I just look in the word and ask God before hand, I save myself a lot of trouble and heartache too.  I’m not always wise and I’ve certainly had my share of heartaches, but if I turn to the Word and learn from the past, perhaps I can change my future and the future of those I love.

Prayer:  Lord please help me to remember that you gave us your Word for hope and for teaching and out of love, thank you that I live in a country that can have a bible on every computer, every phone, every nightstand, and not fear!!  In the beginning was the Word, thank you Abba Father!!.