Aim Anger At The Appropriate Target

Photo Sep 15, 6 47 42 AM
The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. (Psalm 145:8 NIV)

As a parent I really work on being slow to anger. I would not say I am easily angered, at the same time the real people to ask are my kids. They would know better than me. For me anger is a reaction to present circumstances. Whether anger is right or wrong in the situation it is always a way for me to react. The impact of reaction is where the damage or healing can happen.

If my kids and bride think and feel that I am angry all the time at them then the impact will damage our family. Like when the bikes are not put away in the garage, or my skateboard is missing (Yes I still skate). At the same time if my anger is for them the impact is positive and healing. Like when they see me angry about an injustice done to them. This passage does not say God never gets angry it say that he is SLOW to anger. I believe this is a direct link to the fact that God is RICH in love. Who does not want to be rich in love?

May I follow hard after the presence of God, so that I would be slow to anger. I desire to live a life rich in love. I pray that anger would be so slow that it never impacts the love in my life. Bless my wife today, continue to speak deep to her heart. Be with my kids today. I pray that Scout has the best time at his first sleep over! Bless HOPE today. May people see Jesus this morning and be inspired to action. Lead me to lead like you Jesus.