Running Naked | Genesis 3:10


  • He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.” (Genesis 3:10 NIV)


  • With one bite of that which was forbidden Adam went from a shameless existence to a hard slam into the rock hard ground of a guilt ridden life of unforgiveness and sin. A new realization that he was naked caused a reaction that we have been repeating for thousands of years. He ran away. He heard the God that created him and he bolted. He heard his friend that he had previously took many walks with experiencing the amazing beauty of creation and he tried to escape. He heard the Father of light that had set him up with the love of his life and he tried to get away from. Adam was afraid because he know God would see him for who he really was. A sinner and a sinner that had sinned against Him. It was not because Adam was ashamed of how his body looked it was because he was full of shame of what his body had done.


  • In the same way our response to sin can be the same. We run away from God and to whatever coping skill we deem is the quickest way to remove the feeling of shame. We hear God in a sermon or a passage in the bible and run away to the valley of ignorance. We hear our Father in heaven in conversation or in an encouraging email and run for the hills of indifference. We hear God looking over the beauty of the sunset or in the smile of the children we get to parent and run fast to the caves of condemnation. We are all running and running naked! God sees us for who we really are and loves us all the more. I may not have a lot of experience in running naked in the physical nor do I see myself streaking through the cold night air anytime soon. May we choose to run towards the warmth of grace and the truth of God's mercy. May the shame of who we think we are naked, be overcome by the faith in who God made us to be.


  • Lord I am a lot like Adam a lot of the time. I run away from you when shame and fear is overwhelming. Thank you for your Son that paid the price that bears my shame on the Cross. I pray that your love consumes me and causes my life to make a difference to the people I care about. May I love you more than myself. May I live for you and in your fullness. May I lead like you have created me to impact this world. Bless my wife today, thank you for her amazing passion and deep wisdom. Bless my kids with your presence. Be with the people of HOPE. May they BE THE CHURCH!

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