Two Moving Days & the glory of the LORD.

Two Moving Days
      Moving can be one of the most stressful times in a family. We moved over ten times. The first move was a blast! We had only been married for six month. I had been offered a job youth pastoring in the great city of Puyallup. Just the two of us packed up a small Uhaul and took a week to move from Southern California to the northwest. A ban of youth kids and volunteers helped us unpack. Looking back I almost chuckle at how easy that move was.
     Our last move was less than a blast, more like a faded flashlight slowly flicker before dying. Even though it was moving into the best home we have ever occupied, and the distance was the shortest to we had ever moved. The stress level was pretty high. We went from 6208 to 6217 on the same street, in fact it is literally across the street! Same original floor plan except our new place has an additional one thousand square feet with two more bedrooms. You would think that there would of been more stress moving from one end of the country to the other, but that was not the case for us.
     There are two reasons for the this. First was the fact we had so much more stuff than our first six months of marriage. With four kids you tend to accumulate more stuff than you know what to do with. And stuff you never thought you would ever think was important. Our first move was one bed, this last move was six beds and a portable crib.
     Second was the distance. It felt like it was going to be easier and all our friends thought the same thing. When someone thinks you are about to do an easy move they usually think “cool they don’t need my help”. More importantly I thought I didn’t need that much help. The result was it took us two weeks to move! One box at a time, sometimes just one thing at a time. It got so bad that we hired two neighbor boys to give us a shot in the arm! Forty bucks well spent.

The Glory Of The Lord
     There is a passage in Ezekiel that moved me. The prophet writes,
Then the Spirit lifted me up and brought me into the inner court, and the glory of the Lord filled the temple. (Ezekiel 43:5 NIV)
    So what does that have to do with the Spirit lifting Ezekiel up, or the glory of The Lord? Ezekiel was moved by the Spirit. The passage doesn’t mean he floated into the inner court. He was lifted, like being empowered to do something great for The Lord. Another translation says it like this “The Spirit put me on my feet and led me to the inside courtyard.” Just like when Jesus said to the disiples to drop their nets and follow Him. To drop their “stuff” and follow. In the same way our stuff can keep us from being moved by God. We have to be like Ezekiel, READY TO BE MOVED.
    In addition to our stuff holding us back our preception that it is easy to move into the temple can be to our detriment. We must never take for granted the opportunity to live out life in the presence of God. Jesus called this being in the Kingdom of God. Not heaven but living life where Jesus is King of everything. Our stuff, our success, and our failures. Paul the apostle talks about how our bodies are temples for the presence of God and we must live our lives with that in mind. If we are temples than the presence of God moves in us, with us, and impacts the world around us. We have to BE READY TO MAKE THE MOVE.
    If you have a big move coming up in life, may The Lord move you. If you have just another week ahead of you, may The Lord show you the importance of being in his presence and move you to His inner courts. May the glory of The Lord fill you up and shine from your life.

Let’s Move!
Moving Truck
    Lord I pray with my whole heart to be moved by you. Moved to love like you, live like you, and lead like you Jesus. Change me, shape me, rearrange my mind. I no longer want or even think I am capable to lead my life. You move me God. You are smarter, and see where I need to be. I humble myself in your presence. Bless my wife today. Bless my kids. Bless the church you love more than I do. May my life be moved by you.