This Week In HopeKIDS!

We’ve got some exciting things going on in our kids classes this week! Here are a few highlights to get you and your kids pumped for this weekend! 

Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers
Our smallest friends will be learning about Zacchaeus!
Here’s a song about this week’s lesson that will get stuck in your head, it’s called Jesus Loves Everybody

During CuddleTime pray with your child.  “Dear God, thank You for loving us even when we do something wrong. We love you!”

Our memory verse for the week is John 15:12

The Young

Last week our kids learned a key to facing their fears, this week we will continue to learn about faith and believing in what you can’t see, because of what you can see!

At bedtime tonight, read about a man who believed Jesus enough to take a BIG leap of faith. Matthew 14:22-33

I hope everyone has a blessed week!!
See you this weekend!!