Ready for bitter beer & a bad day? | John 18:11

Jesus commanded Peter, “Put your sword away! Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?” (John 18:11 NIV)

In a moment of great heroism of Peter, Jesus stops the fight before it really started. Peter went in to ninja mode to defend his king and messiah. It is like the beginning of a good action movie with a bloody ear flying through the air. Yet Jesus again goes against the grain and chooses to be arrested! Knowing what the will of The Lord was for His life Jesus was ready for a bad day. In fact the next few days would be the worst days in the history of mankind. Yet he was ready. Ready to be tried and put to death for sins he did not commit. He who knew no sin became sin for our salvation.
Since the Son of God went through the worst day He is the one we turn to in our bad days. May we have faith to drink from whatever cup God the Father give us. If it is a sweet iced vanilla latta of success or the warm gulp of bitter beer in our cups may we drink up. Peter went from the moment and denied knowing Jesus three times. The thing to remember here is that no matter what we get to drink may we always and forever proclaim that we KNOW JESUS
Lord I pray that I would be ready for my bad days. Not that you keep them from me but that I would go through them knowing you are with me. I pray that my bad days would be used to give glory to you. Thank you Jesus that you went through the worst day so I may know my Father in Heaven! 
Bless my kids today. Show them your love in a new way. Bless my wife today, thank you for the gift of her in my life. Be with HOPE today. Love people right where they are at. May they live for God and Lead like you Jesus. 
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