HopeKIDS Devotion Week 3

What an awesome week it’s been!!
Beautiful sunshine, perfect for a PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT!!

Last week we had daily devotionals that helped our kiddos devote time with their families to learning more about God!

This week we have a super fun family activity to help our kiddos talk and learn more about teamwork!

Work as a team to complete the PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT your kiddos brought home with them!!

And for our tiny tots, their family teamwork activity was BAKE COOKIES!!
Assign each person a special role in the cookie making process and talk about how important teamwork is to make the cookies taste delicious!!

If you misplaced your take home handout, I can send you a new one, just send me an email laura@discoverhope.org

Don’t forget to show us how much fun you’re having via Instagram and Facebook #hopedontquit