The Complexity Of God's Goodness & Remote Programing


However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him— (1 Corinthians 2:9 NLT)


My wife is the best at preparing for our guests. She thinks of the little things, like a basket in the room with a fun magizine and the perfect amount of sweets you don’t need and healthy snacks you do. The result is you feel loved. 

How much more has God the Father prepared for us. Our lives are prepared for impact. The toughest aspect of this truth is it is unconceivable. Meaning we will never understand the why or how behind some of these things God has designed for us to experience. We have an opportunity to grow in faith by believing and trusting beyond our doubt. 


Learning how to grow in faith takes an ability to see past our doubt, hear past our fear, and think past our mental capacity.
  • No Eye Has Seen: Seeing past our doubt takes a faith in the bigger picture. Being willing to wait and see what God does in every situation. Asking Jesus to see people how He sees them with a filter of grace and love. Loving people not matter what you see. 
  • No Ear Has Heard: Hearing past our fear takes a faith in a hopeful story. Just like the nights you sat through a friend telling a scary story we need to sit and listen for what Christ says about our lives. No matter the fear it might drum up we choose to press our ear to the door of doubt to hear Jesus on the other side. The truth about who we are in Christ and what we get to do for His gospel. 
  • No Mind Has Conceived: Thinking past our mental capacity takes thinking thoughts of grace in a faith in being renewed. Trying to figure God out is like trying to figure out how program your tv, vcr, blu ray play, cable box, Apple TV, stereo, radio, and Xbox to one remote. You know it can be done and as soon as you think you figure it out something changes and you need to start over and reprogram. In the same way the grace of Christ has given us the chance to be reprogramed. From fear to faith. From doubt to dare. From lost to loved. From fighting to forgiven. From mad to mercyful. 
Through the grace of our God their are things of this life that blow our minds. Just as God a prepared good things for us, let us prep our minds to be blown! Every good thing is from God. Every bad thing just has the potential to be made good by God. I am not trying to pump us up with positive propeganda, at the same time joy is meant to be experienced by His people.

Lord I pray for my mind. There is so much good in my life I get overwhelmed thinking about it. Thank you for the life I get to live. May I see the way you see, hear the way you hear and think the way you think in this story of faith I am living. I love you and want my actions to speak that. I desire my words for others to follow you. Most of all love as if my life depends on it. Bless my wife and kids today, and bless HOPE with joy this day.