Man of God....?

As our Men’s group continues to pick up steam and we are setting our sites on becoming better Men of God I want to take a minute and throw out some thoughts……

What does it mean exactly? Faith is to each person something different so being a Man of God will mean something different to each person. My charge as the men’s pastor is to help each man find, see and reach his potential. I get excited just thinking about the fact that guys are designed after Gods own heart. How cool is that!

The other thing is that sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We keep ourselves from growing because we think that our past dictates our future. I say B.S. to that. It’s an excuse because we think others cannot accept the changes that are taking place and sometimes this is true, but if we really want to change we have to be open to some harsh comments from those who don’t quite understand yet what is taking place. Be patient they will. Being a better husband, father, step-father, grand-father, neighbor, steward, etc…. ( you get the picture ) is what God wants and designed us to be. It’s easy to fall into the complacent trap of not growing and that’s exactly what Satan wants. If we cannot affect those around us by how we represent God then Satan wins.

So to those who have not attended our every other wekk meeting what are you waiting for? To those who have been coming I see in you a change that’s taking place and oh what a change it is.