HOPEeNews | April 4th, 2013

Bring Hope 


  • Tweet for this week: Why pay for brand new when you can become brand new? #brandnewhope go to our Twitter and retweet!

Build Community
  • Guess what’s back?! POPI’s Picnic!! We hope you will be there to join us on Sunday for Hot Dogs and Burgers! Please sign up to bring something or to help here.
  • MEN OF HOPE check out this important info about the current Men’s group.The men will still be meeting at Charles Wright Academy TONIGHT (April 4th) at 7pm.
  • WOMEN OF HOPE be on the look out for a new women’s study starting in the next few weeks!

Be the Church
  • HOPE would like to provide meals for the Miele family over the next couple weeks. Please sign up if you are able to help!
  • SOFTBALL IS BACK and the first practice is THIS Sunday!  Here’s some more info about that!