FRIDAY NIGHT | Candy and cars for Trunk or Treat!


Every year my wife and I help out with the Trunk Or Treat at our kids school. 
We are going to be doing something new this year that I think is a great idea. The Trunk Or Treat and the Harvest Dance Party will be going on at the same time. This will keep the flow of the night going and hopefully the candy will last longer! 
This is an event open to the community so you are all invited as my friends. In addition to this there is always a need candy and decorated cars.
CLICK HERE TRUNK OR TREAT  to let me know you would like to donate candy or bring your decorated car to hand out candy. 
If you want donate candy please but don’t have a lot of time to do it text me 253-906-7779  and I can purchase tomorrow how much you would like to donate. You can pay me back on Sunday or next week. 
Thank you HOPE for being the church!!!