Prayer Team


To intercede for the salvation, healing and protection of others through united prayer efforts during weekly services, city-wide missional events, groups and seasons of corporate prayer.


The “1:1 Ratio” – The focus of the Prayer Ministries is based on Nehemiah 4.10-20 through which we learn that with God’s direction, Nehemiah undertook the challenging work of rebuilding the destroyed walls surrounding Jerusalem.  The first assignment for Nehemiah was to “tour the wall” in order to take note of areas that needed restoration.  Nehemiah then devised a plan to rebuild those specific areas and recruited the people needed to do the work.  As reconstruction began, the enemy immediately invaded, attacking at every hole in the wall and opportunity.  The wall workers became exhausted in trying to defend their position and frustrated in trying to rebuild their wall, so they approached Nehemiah with the problem.

The plan Nehemiah devised is what we call the “1:1 Ratio” because every worker on the wall had a personal protector, in a 1-to-1 ratio.  Every person was vital, whether holding a brick and rebuilding or holding a spear and defending.  With this plan in place, miles and miles of Jerusalem’s wall were complete in only fifty-two days!

The Prayer Ministries strategy for Hope Community Church is very much the same as Nehemiah’s in that we both use the “1:1 Ratio”.  There are many Dream Team members who consistently serve to rebuild walls. (We can call them “volunteers”.)  In order to effectively rebuild walls and defend against the enemy, we also need Prayer Team members who consistently serve to protect the “volunteers”.  (We call these Prayer Team members “intercessors”.) 


  • Prayer Team Lead
  • Service Prayer Team
  • 21 Days of Prayer (January and August)
  • Prayer Walks
  • Intercessors  (prayer covering for Hope.)

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