Support for Stolz Family

Hope Church,

Last night Steven, Mallory and boys Spencer and Carsyn experienced a great loss. Mallory had to have an emergency surgery where her baby did not survive.

Many of us at HOPE did not know the Stolz family was pregnant as the were waiting until they were ready to tell people. We know now and we are going to respond to this news with love, prayer, and support.

Ways To Respond:
  • If you are friend with Steven or Mallory on facebook send them a privete message of support. You can send messages through our online network the city.
  • Pray for healing both physically for Mallory and emotionally for the family.
  • Support by providing a meal or letting them know you can help this next week.
To sign up to bring a meal.
  • Click the day you can provide a meal and text HOPE office at 253-237-4673 or email
  • We will send you the address and times available for the meal to be dropped off.
Steven driving his family with Mallory, Carsyn and Spencer along for the ride.